E commerce or Electronic commerce is the term used for online trading of items, transactions etc. which has enormous potential benefits compared to a physical store and thats why even the biggest chain stores have E commerce sites. The first and most positive aspect of having your own E-commerce site is your ability to reach millions of people which would be impossible with a physical store. E commerce benefits your business in numerous ways, not only can you reach customers in a high quantity but also letting your customers know immediately you have a new product or updates for your business.

Priority from the start is a well planned and tailored E commerce site to meet your expectations as there are chances that your e store will get lost in the world wide web without making a splash. At Devs Tech we listen to your needs and customize your requirements according to your business. Please read our services to learn about what we can do for you.

E commerce involves many programmes, extensions and various financial channels to make a complete package. once you have a complete package you will find how easy it is to run and save a lot of your time.

So how it all works.

  1. Online catalogue – This is where you add your products for trading.
  2. Your customers – The visitors of your site who are willing to purchase your products or searching for a product that you offer.
  3. Payments – Customers need to have a debit or credit card or they may use a third party payment processor like Paypal .
  4. Delivery – You deliver the item by post or private courier to your customer.

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 Ecommerce Package