Both terms can be interlinked or contrasted as a marketing plan for your website. SEM is the whole optimizing of your site for a higher ranking and higher visibility of your site in www. SEM is a paid or an organic way to advertise your site to a wider online community. SEO , pay per click , Article submission , SMM (Social Media Marketing ) all are part of SEM. We will describe briefly and simply the main SEM components below.

Search engine optimization is the technique of applying keywords or other relevant terms and using various applications to maximize your site’s performance in search engines like Google , Yahoo and Bing. Lets put it this way if 1000 websites are selling Car tires in Australia only a handful of those 1000 sites will be showing on Google search pages , the sites which are optimized thoroughly and created a unique and accurate page and offer quality content and services. The way all the major search engines view websites are very different to a human beings view. Search engines cant tell whether a site is colorful or has extra ordinary graphics or has the best quality pictures, in fact a search engine crawls and indexes a website according to its text content, links and relevancy. Using SEO techniques you can increase prominence and help your site rank higher in major search engines.

Pay Per Click – The above SEO techniques are to improve your site in organic searches, but many search engines also offer web site owners advertising in selected positions of a search page so a visitor will immediately notice your page. If you have noticed while searching in Google that sometimes the top three pages come up are under sponsored links or you have visited a site and see a relevant advertisement on specifically placed areas with external links. Those are the sites who have a pay per click campaign. Your budget is not limited for PPC, you can spend a dollar a day to 1000 dollars a day it depends on your budget and business plan.

Article Marketing – As we described previously search engines crawl websites and index your content and pages , So you write articles about your products, review of a product or the usability of a product, again this is just some examples and the sky is the limit. When you write an article you put it in your site or submit it to other sites and link back readers to your site.

SMM – We all know what Facebook and twitter is, whether we use them or not , they are a part of new social networking via the Internet and the influence of SMM in our life is huge. Facebook is just one of them, there are various blogs, forums, niche community forums and social networking sites where you can exchange and share with like minded people to expand your community and attract more visitors to your website.

There are several unique ways to promote your site, and its not going to happen magically, you have to use various methods to get the best out of your site. So talk to us, tell us your plan and we will find the right package to suit you. We guarantee that your site to be in the top 10 in any search engines with your chosen phrase or keywords.