Put simply E-marketing is the technology we use to market our business via electronic media and more specifically the Internet. E-marketing is probably one of the biggest marketing sources that all businesses use for branding their products

So what is the main difference between E-marketing over traditional marketing.

Cost effective – While marketing via mainstream media it can be very expensive and often limited to big companies and multi nationals. E-marketing is accessible to each and every small business with a small or no budget at all.

Reach – The reach to a consumer using the Internet is unlimited and very wide compared to other marketing strategies .

Interactivity – While most traditional marketing is to promote a brand by getting their message out to the consumer, E- marketing on the other hand allows businesses to make their marketing plan using consumers feedback and responses in two way communication.

Immediacy – With traditional marketing advertising a product or products could be very lengthy and time consuming. For example if you are advertising your jewelery in a magazine, you may add your address and website, but for a consumer it means they have to make an afford to contact you and visit your shop, or they may check your website when they can, On the other hand with E marketing not a consumer is only a click away to check your business but also your business is open 24 hours to the consumer to go and have a look at your website. In this case what E marketing does is close the gaps between your product advertisement and the reaction of your customers.

So if you have not thought about E marketing yet, its time to start. Please give us a call if you have any inquiry.