If you are not ready to run your own E-marketing and other social networking, then let us do it for you. SEO on a budget click here 

SEO Guide

Starts at $50 per hour which is perfect if you already have a website and want to optimize your website for all the relevant search engines. We teach and guide you through all the major techniques that an SEO expert will utilize for any website

Basic SEO package

Starts at AU $1000. We thoroughly check your website for relevant keywords, meta data and all the important factors required for efficient search engines algorithmic processes, plus help with your E- marketing campaign.

Complete SEM package

Starts at AU $2500. We will use all the SEO and SEM techniques to get your site on top of the search engines list, Setting up your E-marketing plan and Pay Per Click Campaign, help with Social media (Facebook , Twitter etc ) Newsletter campaign and Directory listing .


Both terms can be interlinked or contrasted with the marketing plan for your website. SEO (search engine optimization) is the complete optimizing of your site for a higher ranking and visibility of your site in search engines. SEM (search engine marketing) is an organic or paid way to advertise your site to a wider online community. SEO, pay per click, Article submission, SMM (Social Media Marketing) all are part of SEM. We will describe briefly and simply the main SEM components below.

Search engine optimization is the technique of applying keywords or relevant terms to your website and using various applications to maximize your site’s performance in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Pay Per Click – The above SEO techniques are to improve your site in organic searches, but many search engines also offer web site owners advertising in selected positions of a search page so a visitor will immediately notice your page. If you have ever noticed while searching in Google that sometimes the top three pages come up are under sponsored links. Or maybe you have visited a site and see a relevant advertisement on specifically placed areas with external links. Those are the sites who have a pay per click campaign. Your budget is not limited for PPC, you can spend a dollar a day or 1000 dollars a day, depending on your budget and business plan.

Article Marketing – As we described previously search engines crawl websites and index your content and pages. So you can write articles about your products, make a review of a product or the usability of a product, these are just some examples, and the sky is the limit! When you write an article, you can place it on your site or even submit it to other sites which link readers back to your site.

SMM – We all know what Facebook and Instagram is, and the influence of social media in our life is huge. Social networking sites are where you can exchange and share with like minded people to expand your community and attract more visitors to your website.

There are several unique ways to promote your site, but unfortunately, this doesn’t happen magically. Consistency is the key. So talk to us, tell us your plan and we will find the right package to suit you. 


When can I see my website in Google search or How long will it take for my website to list on the frontpage of search engines like Google.

Once we have completed your site and you have subscribed to our SEO package , Our SEO expert will work constantly with your site to get it on Google’s first page search.

On completion of your website it may take one to three months to appear on Google’s 1st page ranking.

What work is involved with SEO searches

Quite a few things really, from meticulously choosing your keywords to Facebook and Twitter promotion, also directory and article submissions. We keep an eye on all search Engines logarithm, the way they list a site, and we do our best to match all the criteria.

Can I do my own SEO ?

Yes you can, We provide support for all our clients, a minimum hourly fee applies if you would like us to teach you.