The first and most positive aspect of having your own E-commerce site is your ability to reach millions of people which would be impossible with a physical store. 

E-commerce involves many programmes, extensions and various financial channels to make a complete package. Once you have a complete package you will find how easy it is to run and save a lot of your time.

At Linkx we listen to your needs and customize your requirements according to your business. Please read our services to learn about what we can do for you.

The Blueprint for Ecommerce Business


Your Product

Finding a product to sell

A product or products you want to offer online, wholesale, or direct-to-consumer.

Building E-commerce Store

Building your store

Get a domain name for your store. Pick your ecommerce template. Set up payment methods and shipping.

Market Analysis

Evaluating your idea

Figure out where and how you’ll source your products. Make competitive analysis about your market.


Search engine optimization

Understand and optimize your ecommerce website for Search engines to target the right buyers.

Research and Planning

Research and Planning

Research your market.

Find out your competition.

Find your niche.

Preparing to Launch

Preparing to launch

Design listing & product pages. Connect with sales channels and develop a marketing plan.

Brand Identity

Understanding Brand Identity

Logo, business name and tagline are elements of branding, They create identity which relate to your customer.

Test Your Website

Ecommerce testing

Test your ecommerce website before launching to avoid errors