Every business has a unique and individual appeal and this applies to web design too. Web design is one of the most important parts of Web development. This is where you display your business just like a shop front window display. An effective visual display in the physical world will grab more attention, similarly with websites an attractive design is more likely to get higher virtual hits than a website with clutter designing. Good design is not always meant to be colourful with a hoard of graphics which usually confuses people. good design is visually appealing to your targeted customers and easy to navigate . More explanations about web development in next chapter .

So what makes a website visually appealing

  1. First impressions are extremely important, getting your point across to potential customers the moment they visit your website,( The first five seconds are crucial ) If customers do not see what they are looking for in that 5 seconds they will move on.
  2. Navigating your website should not be a roller coaster ride, Customers should be able to find their way to the targeted item without clicking too many graphics and unnecessary content.
  3. A Website should be a reflection of your business, so its important that the design of a website can sustain interest and give credibility to your targeted customers.