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WE'RE LinkX We’re a digital creative services agency. We provide web development, branding and design services for small business enterprises entertainment and nonprofit organisations. LINKX IS A WEB-DESIGN & BRANDING CONSULTANCY THAT BLENDS CREATIVITY WITH DIGITAL INSIGHT WE’RE YOUR EXTENDED TEAM We offer an array of services from web design & development to digital marketing strategy… Read More


Services Brand Brand Strategy Brand Design Logo Design Promotion Packaging Design Brochure & Poster Brand Advertising Web Website Design & Development E-Commerce & Web Solutions Digital Digital Marketing SEO Social Media Marketing Content Content Creation Content Management Social Media Scheduling Clients Organica Floret Invest 4 Life Goomeri Pumpkin Festival Get Noticed Now Pure Food Essentials… Read More

Digital marketing

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne Put simply E-marketing is the technology we use to market our business via electronic media and more specifically the Internet. E-marketing is probably one of the biggest marketing resources that all businesses use for branding their products SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING PACKAGES If you are not ready… Read More


SEO PACKAGE If you are not ready to run your own E-marketing and other social networking, then let us do it for you. SEO Guide Starts at $40 per hour which is perfect if you already have a website and want to optimize your website for all the relevant search engines. We teach and guide… Read More

Website Design

Website Design Building Smarter Websites FAQ We are here to help I want a website for my business, what do I do?Just contact us and we will do the job for you. The steps involved in the web development process are Consultation – Absolutely free. We arrange a meeting to discuss your business plan and… Read More


E-Commerce The first and most positive aspect of having your own E-commerce site is your ability to reach millions of people which would be impossible with a physical store.  E-commerce involves many programmes, extensions and various financial channels to make a complete package. Once you have a complete package you will find how easy it… Read More


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